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I do not put my e-mail address on my site because I have found it gets picked up by various systems or individuals that send out unwanted and offensive junk mail. This form will take your message and send it to my web server which will then forward it to me.

Security: If you are concerned about security and privacy then there is a version of this form that uses SSL encryption to protect data in transit between your browser and my web server. However the data is still forwarded on from the server by plain e-mail so the protection is by no means absolute - at best it means the unencrypted portion of the journey should be confined to European infrastructure. Also, be aware that the computer you are using might store this page in a cache. If you really want to ensure no one can recover details of what you have looked at and what you have typed then you need to know how to thoroughly wipe the automatic records and hidden information that computers keep.

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