I don't know of any other OSCar sites but if you are looking for more info on OSCars or any other old analogue synths then the following links should at least give you a reasonable starting point.

I have no links with any of the companies or organisations listed. Inclusion here is not an endorsement of their services, neither is omission from the list to be taken as a criticism of any company I have overlooked.

If you offer services or information related to the OSCar then contact me and let me know who you are - I get a steady stream of queries and it would help me greatly if I could point these people to professionals.

OSCar keyboard repair guide Great article (illustrated with excellent photos) on cleaning the internal works of an OSCar keyboard. Especially useful instructions on how to take an OSCar apart and then reassemble it.
Sound on Sound Article about the history and development of OSCar from September 1999 issue of Sound on Sound Vintage Synth Explorer - description of OSCar with comments from users.
Analogue Solutions UK manufacturer of modular analogue synth systems that also does modifications and upgrades for vintage synths, including the Wasp
Music Machines An archive of synth facts, reviews and info derived from the Analogue Heaven list.
Sonic State Specs and reviews of many vintage synthesizers.

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