The following Midi files were taken from the website of a Norwegian firm called IOtech, which specialises in repair of analogue gear. Unfortunately the URL for that site no longer seems to work, however I was recently informed that the material is online at

The only information I have about the files is in the table below. I have not tried them and they come with no guarantee.

oscar_factory_patches.syx (6k) "Notes on OSCar sysex:
The first dump is believed to be the factory patches. But obviously some parameters have been changed before I got it. (ex. patch -6)"

oscar_factory.mid (3k)

oscar_unknown.mid (6k)

"The OSCar_factory is supposed to be the original factory patches for the OSCar.
The OSCar_unknown is as the name tells a collection of unknown origin.
Both these banks have been supplied by David Etheridge. Thanks David!

Ingar Onsager, IOTech

PS: As can be seen this factory bank differs from the other factory set at my page, I guess the difference is that OSCar_factory is missing the waveform data."

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