I frequently get requests for schematics or circuit diagrams for the OSCar. I do not have proper original documents, however a few years back a generous individual sent me some photocopies of hand drawn diagrams. I have scanned the documents and placed them online for anyone to download. The quality is not great because the material I was sent appears to be photocopies of photocopies - if the scans are not good enough for your needs then I am sorry but this is all I have. The descriptions I give in the left column are the ones used by whoever did the original drawings (the filenames are arbitrary ones that I chose). They were scanned as TIFF files, which are quite large. I converted them to JPEGs in case anyone wants smaller files. The JPEGs are lower resolution than the TIFFs. (I previously had GIF versions here but I've removed them because some Internet Explorer users had problems with them).

Please note: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these diagrams - I was told they were done by someone who knew about the circuitry of the OSCar but I don't know who that was. If you use these diagrams to do any work on an OSCar it is at your own risk.



JPEG files

TIFF files

OSCar system diagram oscar_main.jpg


OSCar MIDI PCB oscar1.jpg
OSCar keyboard PCB oscar2.jpg
OSCar processor PCB:- D/A converter, oscillator outputs, noise generator & trigger in/out oscar3.jpg
Filters and VCA
(Title on this one partly off the edge of the page)
OSCar control PCB oscar5.jpg
OSCar processor PCB: CPU, memory, I/O, A/D, oscillator logic oscar6.jpg

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